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Video Testimonials

Millo served as the Keynote Speaker for Diamond Resorts International. This video showcases sales representatives taking advantage and earning sales with Millo's keynote presentation

These are a few of Millo's customer, reader and partner testimonials and people that have profited from his seminars and trainings.


"It is a privilege and an honor to have Millo as part of the HCCMO family at large. His contributions to our Vision Magazine and Seminars are wonderful as they provide value to our membership. Millo's energy and commitment to excellence is extraordinary and I recommend him without hesitation."
- Diana C. Bolivar
President of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando

"Millo is one, if not the most dynamic and talented person I’ve ever worked with."
- Travis Flaherty
Top Ocean Avenue Salesman

"Millo Aldea is an exceptionally gifted man. I've worked with Mr. Aldea and later in my career with and even for him in a consulting capacity. In all cases he exudes positive energy, learns faster than most, and now is the leader and director I knew he would become. Watching Millo strive to become successful in all that he does is not only inspirational but instills a sense of pride in what I do. He's a great father, friend and intrinsic piece in my social family and I know he's someone that I will always hold in great admiration."
- Justice Mitchell
CEO Big Block Studios