Old ways vs new ways
Reading this week's Chaaarge, means you are starting to consider changing what you think works, and discover what actually does, in order to receive what you want. When you are at a desperate state and you want to change your life financially, the worst thing to do is to continue doing what is not working because it worked for you before. To avoid creative thinking, most people try reviving what worked 5-10 years ago to see if it can work again, in order to re-live the "good-old-days". Are you aware yet that different thinking is needed for different times? Our world has turned 180 degrees towards a new direction than that from 10 years ago when it comes to business, sales, ideas, technology, etc.

How's work?
You might even complain to your co-workers about how your employer does business and how you have the magic formula to change everything; but guess what doc? You don't own the company and as much as you want it to change, it won't completely because it is not yours. So, if your ideas are so magnificent, apply them to your life and reap the benefits for yourself. Lead by example by executing new ideas for your own business and start creating your legacy. Which story sounds better? "I made the company millions" or "I made myself millions".

Let's talk dollars!
"Money makes the world go round". I'm sure you've heard that before. I like to say: "Sales make the money to make the world go round", because with no sales, there is no money. Do you still hate sales? The world you live in is bombarded with ridiculous ads, billboards, banners, emails, mobile texts, videos, social media campaigns, and you hate looking at them. You skip, close and delete any ad without giving it a chance to see if it was good. Companies are trying to re-live the old days by increasing the amount of production that people don't want in the first place.

By now you already know that people do not want to connect with your brand. They want to connect with each other by using your brand. So, personal sales training is where you should be focusing your efforts. At least to understand the industry that makes the world go round and know how great it is for you. Do you remember the real definition of sales? Represent something you believe in that you know will provide value to someone's life. Something that you are willing to share, explain how it will benefit them, show them the support they need, build a strong relationship with your customers, so they can continuously buy it from you.

Then, do it!
The fear that you have towards rejection, "pushing people" and losing friends is the same fear that has you complaining and holding you from taking action. "Everything will be ok" is not the attitude that you should have right now. "Licking the wound won't stop the bleeding. Pressure does". Change is not a comfortable thing, but you know you'll get used to making more money because of it. Avoid criticizing what will make your employer a better company and set the example by developing yourself into a great sales person and show them you were right by doing it yourself.

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