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Toughlove Sales – Coming in May 2014

This book is for tough people! For those who love so much that they are not willing to be beaten or let go easily without putting up a good fight! Are you tough enough for what is inside this book? You will know! What do you love to do most? How much do you love doing it? And, how tough are you when it comes to the things that you love? Are you vulnerable because you love? If you stand your ground for what you love, this book is for you!

Throughout this book, you will learn skills that can be used to persuade others to believe in what you love. These are skills for those who want to create a change of belief in others, and have others believe like you do. This is not an easy book to read, but it will earn faster and easier results! This is an advanced method of sales and persuasion, and even when you think you know, no matter how long you’ve been in sales, you will gain eye-opening information that will serve you in all aspects life. Toughlove Sales opens your mind, strengthens your skills, and reveals results in a way that people are effectively persuaded today. Do not open this book unless you are willing to handle learning effective methods of getting people to buy.

Inside, you will uncover:

• Hidden Neuro-Linguistic Strategies

• Mind evolution exercises

• How to influence others

• Step-by-Step closing methods

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“The information inside of Toughlove Sales is so easy to understand and so easy to apply, that you can take it out into the street and turn it into money! I have a recommendation for you… Buy this book!”
- Jeffrey Gitomer
Speaker Hall of Fame, Author of 15 books, World-known as the King of Sales

“Toughlove Sales is a precise and detailed showcase of Millo’s certification as a Human Interaction Technology practitioner. His methods will transform your life positively, if you chose to take action.”
- Michael Bernoff
Results Coach, NLP sales trainer, author & speaker

“I was fortunate to be able to read an advanced copy of Toughlove Sales before the launch. It is freakin’ awesome! I’ve prospected over 800 people into MLM. I’ve generated sales of over 750 million for my companies in the Mortgage business, Direct Sales & Publishing Industry. ‘Toughlove sales’ is amazing for anyone trying to breakthrough in the selling world!”
- Ken Dunn
Founder of Next Century Publishing, World-known entrepreneur, author & speaker

“WARNING: Millo’s book is not for the faint of heart! Millo’s message is pure, real and honest as he dives into your feelings and the emotional reality of selling that far too many ‘salesmen’ would be too proud to discuss. If you are willing to leave your ego on page 1, you may just find the keys that unlock your ultimate sales potential. Get ready for some ‘Toughlove’ yet in the world of sales, let’s face it… Its just ‘good medicine’!.”
- Jonathan Pineda
Record breaking salesman, author & speaker