Millo Aldea Venegas


Millo Aldea Venegas

Millo Aldea Venegas began his creative journey as an artist! He worked for some of the best art and design companies in the United States. After dedicating 14 years to his career, he shifted focus to sales. Throughout his sales career, he used the power of storytelling to persuade prospects, converting them into customers. Millo’s art of storytelling is descriptive, captivating, and daring. Today, Millo is a professional speaker and enjoys sharing stories with his audiences. In his first book, “Toughlove Sales”, he dives into the reality of what it takes to be a successful salesperson. Now, his new two-book series “Gabriel” taps into his storytelling abilities to challenge what we think we know, and question whether history is real, or fabricated.

Millo has written, produced, marketed and directed theater. Produced and directed a reality show series. Created two social networks. Two short films. Recorded and produced 2 music albums. Creator of brand new online technology. Helped build the brand of over 30 nation-wide known products for companies such as Disney IDEAS, Crescent Heights of America, Leo Burnett, BMG, Sony and Latino-MSN.


Develop yourself into the best product anyone has laid their eyes upon and you will be a magnet for success. Read from the best. Listen to the best. Learn from the best. Love like the best. Give like the best. Speak like the best. Sell like the best. Deliver your best. Earn like the best. Be the best and accept nothing less than your best to become the greatest.


"Millo first caught my attention with his dynamic and full of content promotional materials. His talent, energy and knowledge fit perfectly with the National Speakers level of professionalism. After meeting him, I had the opportunity to prove right my first impression and learn that he comes from a family that has left a positive legacy in the business world and their community, Millo carries success in his blood."
- Frances Ríos
NSA Member, speaker, author and consultant

"Everything we do, say, think, believe, and behave is Contagious and Millo's storytelling techniques are no exception! His enthusiasm will rub off on you, spread throughout your business, and build your bottom line!"
- Monica Wofford
CEO Contagious Companies