Before I buy, I need to talk to ___
It does not matter how certain your prospect sounds, or how excited your prospect is about buying. If after expressing how committed your prospect is, he/she gets to say the following words: "let me talk to ___", "I need to talk to ___", "I got to run it by ___", "I'll see if ___", or "I'll call you after I meet with ___", you are not talking to the decision maker and you are far from getting the sale. It works the same outside of sales too. You can get these responses, even when you ask your friend to come to a party. It is actually a tough spot for you because your prospect will try to explain the value proposition to the decision maker without your presence, confuse the listener, and answer all questions incorrectly. The aftermath involves ignored calls and all excitement taken away by the skeptic. The prospect will then feel embarrassed to answer your follow up call after a verbal commitment was set in the meeting. If you feel like blaming someone, take a moment to slap your own forehead.

In order to get the decision maker, make sure you ask your prospect: "Is there anyone else that you will be discussing this with in order to make a decision? It will save you time from explaining and remembering all the answers to your questions." If your prospects says: "No, just me", then you are golden. If your prospect mentions someone else, have your prospect invite that person over. If the decision maker cannot make it to the meeting, now you have the name of the man with the pen.

If your prospect ends up expressing any of the objections above, make sure you have a response to all of them. Write them down and rehearse them. Writing down all your responses to all objections is crucial. For example: "You sound like you are ready to go. What are the things you will be discussing with___?" "Since you want to buy, can we set another meeting where Mr. Decision is present and he can feel the same excitement you are feeling towards the presentation?" "Is there any reason why Mr. Decision might not take your recommendation into consideration?"

Avoid celebrating early
Most sales people think they will be depositing a check after listening to all the excitement, but they are never prepared for the aftermath and end up blaming everything else but themselves, and use that as an excuse to quit. Let it serve as a learning experience for what to do next time you encounter these objections. I don't know if you have realized it yet, but the sales game is not for sissies. It will make a great business person out of you and build up your skills to earn all the success you desire.

All these examples are different from "Let me think about it". I will be discussing how to overcome that objection in another letter.

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